Some Faqs

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Coverage

Some Important Questions Answered

Does My Car Qualify?

We usually help those who have vehicles from the year 2000+. We will find the right plan that will fit your needs and make sure to keep in mind numerous factors such as your budget. Our goal is to help when possible with your extended auto warranty protection.

Do I Really Need Extended Warranty?

Owning a vehicle can be frustrating as over time, especially when vehicles get older. Extended warranty will help with making sure that any potential costs that may come up are covered by your plan. It can save you thousands of dollars over time. 

What is covered under my plan?

Our plans help with parts, labor and roadside assistance that you may need on your vehicle. 

What Does Extended Warranty Really Do?

Extended warranty saves you money. This means that you can have peace of mind with your our of warranty vehicle. This peace of mind will make sure can save thousands. 

What Part Types Are Covered Under My Plan?

Depending on the plan chosen there are numerous parts that you need to fix which are covered. It again all depends on the plan type but we make sure to provide the most important into our coverage.

How Do I File A Claim?

Our coverage usage is easy. When you are on a plan of ours and a breakdown does occur we can deal directly with a certified shop (get in touch with us to learn more). We work out the situation with them and can pay directly. 

When Can I Use My Policy Protection Plan?

Your policy will go into action if a breakdown does occur. This is why getting extended warranty is vital to help save you thousands in the instance that a vehicle breakdown does occur.